Friday, 9 March 2012

Shoe Obsession: Topshop Studded Flats

When it comes to shoes, I am definitely more of a flats or Uggs girl.  For some reason, my feet cannot handle heels for any length of time. They rub and ache to the point where I can't stand up!

Ultra soft, ultra confortable flats with a soft back are pretty much the only things I can tolerate wearing so imagine how thrilled I was to be able to pick up something that matches that exact description.

I have been wearing these Topshop flats ALL the time recently and I absolutely adore them.  As you can see they are nude slipper-style flats with gold studs all over them.  They are super soft and ultra comfy but look great with any outfit.  They were £28.00 but I got my 10% student discount with my NUS card making them really reasonable, particularly when I think about how often I have worn them.

I believe Topshop did sell them in other colours but unfortunately they are completely sold out in store and online.  I am gutted because I would love another pair (or two!).

What are your fail-safe, go-to comfy shoes? Are you a flats or a heels girl?

Much love,


Lush Review: Bubbleroons

OK...It is time to confess something... 

I am obsessed with Lush! I have always been a fan but recently I can't get enough it.

My collection is growing rapidly but I wanted to talk today about probably my favourite Lush products; the bubbleroons. 

These come in three different 'flavours'; Green Bubbleroon (£3.25), Rose Jam (£3.50) and Yuzu & Cocoa (£2.95). Basically, it is bubble bath but without the bottle. And the great thing about these little beauties is that not only do they smell AMAZING but they also break in half so you get two baths out of each 'roon.

Green Bubbleroon is my least favourite and as such I have never purchased it. It smells exactly like freshly cut grass, which is a lovely smell, but I don't particularly want to smell of it! The other two are equally delicious and it is difficult to put one above the other. If push came to shove, I would say that the Yuzu and Cocoa would get my vote. It smells incredible and leaves my skin so soft and silky. 

Here it is, ready to be ploped into my bath a couple of nights ago.

You simply crumble it under running water and watch as you are engulfed in a mountain of silky bubbles. I have be careful as we have a Jacuzzi bath and if I put the jets on the bubbleroons bubble so much that it spills out of the bath! 

Another thing I love about Lush products is the scent. I have my bath products on a stand in my room and the smell is divine. 

You can buy the bubbleroons here or you can get them in store.

What are your favourite Lush products? 

Much love,


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation

So I have decided to write my first, official blog post about something that I adore and could not live without; my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation.  I wear 2N2 Fresco.

I would say I have been wearing this foundation for well over 5 years now and although I have tried others, there is nothing that compares to Double Wear.

To give you a bit of background, this foundation claims to have '15-hour staying power' to keep you 'flawless all day'.  It will not change, smudge or come off on clothes, according to the Estée Lauder website.  Despite all this, it is lightweight and comfortable, whilst providing your skin with sun protection of SPF15. Sounds pretty good...but does it live up to it's promises?

I would definitely say yes! I apply a relatively small amount of this foundation with a foundation brush and set it with MAC's Studio Careblend Pressed Powder (Medium Dark).  It not only covers all my imperfections but it really does last all day.

Not only does it last, but it feels light weight and natural, not like I am wearing layers of orange make-up.

Overall I could not recommend this foundation enough.  I am currently using the last few tiny drops from my bottle, otherwise I would have swatched it for you.  I have repurchased this item SO many times I have lost count...

That does, however, draw me to the only downside of Double Wear foundation...the price.  At £26.50 for 30ml it does not come cheap.  When I originally bought it, it was £23.00, but the price has increased 2 or 3 times since then.  One bottle does last around 6 months though, if not longer, and I have found that cheaper foundations need replacing more regularly.  In my opinion, Double Wear is definitely worth the money.

To find your perfect shade, visit an Estée Lauder counter, or to buy online click here.

What is your all-time favourite foundation?

Much love,


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Let's Get Started...

As a life-long girly girl and a make-up obsessed blog reader; buying, reviewing and talking about cosmetics and beauty seems like second nature.

Now, after years of reading other beauty blogs, I have finally decided to create my own.

I plan to include reviews, recommendations, current favourites and products I am lusting after - amongst other things! Hopefully, I will be of some use to someone who, like me, is browsing the internet whilst trying to decide what latest beauty must-have to buy next.

In the meantime, I will try to update this blog as often as I can... probably as a way of avoiding other important things that I should be doing!!

Much love,