Tuesday, 26 June 2012

7 Things for June

This is the '7 Things for June' post, as started by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (who I heart!).

Basically, it is a way of motivating yourself to get up of your backside and get things done, spread out over a week or a month, or whatever you would like.  The aim is to set yourself goals, targets or aspirations which you will then try to complete within a set period of time.

I am going to give myself until the end of June to complete the following:

1. Book a Holiday: My boyfriend and I are hoping to go on holiday on the 5th July.  We have yet to book anything.  I hope that by the end of June we will have booked and paid for 10 nights somewhere very hot and sunny.

2. Get Organised: I am going away for a few days from this Thursday until Sunday night.  I have been to get some last minute bits this morning but I need to be completely organised by Wednesday night so that I am ready for our little trip.

3. Start Planning: I have been given an abundance of books and documents from my new school, where I start work in September, and need to start getting some ideas down.  This means beginning to plan my topics and lessons for the Autumn term. 

4. Prepare: I  am going on two school trips next week and need to sort some 'ourdoorsy' clothes.  I don't want to wear anything that risks getting ruining so I need to delve into my wardrobes and choose something.  I have already found a REEEAALLY old pair of trainers that I have washed in the washing machine.

5. Get Groomed: As I said, I am going away on Thursday and at the moment my eyebrows are horrendous.  Luckily, this will get sorted on Thursday morning. Phew.

6. Walk: I adore walking my three doggies but the weather recently has been absolutely horrific.  I am talking thigh-deep floods and ruined houses in my area.  We have been forced to stay in over the weekend and as my dogs are all small (and two of them are old men now, bless them!) they don't need huge, long walks.  A run round the garden in the rain is enough for them, but now the rain seems to have moved on, I want to get back out walking.

7. Blog: I love writing blog posts and checking up on how many views I've had or reading new comments.  I am going to try and do a couple more blogs this week and take some pictures whilst I am away so expect more posts coming soon.

For the first seven, I have tried to set myself realistic targets but also targets that I might otherwise try and put off for another few weeks.  I hope that by writing them down I will be more likely to complete them.

Check out Louise's post here if you want to get involved.

If you have set yourself 7 targets, let me know in the comments below and I will check them out!

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