Friday, 15 June 2012

Lush Review: Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic

Oh. my. goodness.

I don't think I have ever been so excited in the bath before! For those of you who have not tried this Lush creation yet, I urge you to go out and buy it.

What they say:

Like an everlasting gobstopper, this ballistic keeps on revealing layer upon layer of surprises. It gives up its gifts in an unfolding drama, leaving you in a bath of molten gold. Along the way you will experience a firework display of colour, a fiery crackle of popping candy, a swirling landscape of creamy foam and a drift of paper dragon scales.
To complete the fantasy we rounded this off with a fragrance of sexy jasmine and uplifting citruses and bergamot. Leaves you ready to come out of your cave and soar!

The Dragon's Egg bath ballistic is quite plain and unassuming from the outside.  It's chalky white with just a hint of orange peeping through.

My gorgeous little girl Roxy having a cheeky sniff of the Dragon's Egg!
 Now if you are planning on using one of these then don't read any further otherwise you may ruin the surprise...

Once plopped into the water the 'egg' reacts much in the same way as any other bath bomb.  It fizzes and foams around the bath, realising lots of lovely soft bubbles.  The little coloured 'scales' also end up floating around the bath.

The bubbles are white to begin with but as the bomb dissolves the foam becomes orange.  This seems to errupt from the bomb like a volcano.  I like to think of this as the 'yolk' of the egg! 

After the orange layer comes the best, most exciting and most surprising bit.  The core of the bath ballistic is GOLD! It turns your bath water a shimmery orange colour and fills it with tiny particles of gold shimmer.  It is absolutely beautiful!

I love the little surprises that always seem to be inside Lush products.  They make me very happy!

I have since repurchased this ballistic for my boyfriend, although I have to admit that his didn't seem to errupt quite as dramatically as mine.

The price of this bath ballistic is £3.15 for one.  You can purchase it here or in store.

I guess it is fairly expensive for something that only lasts for one bath but I adore it.  For a treat to yourself, it is definitely worth it.

Have you tried this one yet?

Much love,


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  1. Oh wow, I really wanna give this a try! It looks so much fun haha x